Downtown’s Best Coffee? What? No more?

Downtown Denver has plenty of coffee bars and some very talented baristas. But, arguably the best coffee came from Peet’s at 16th and Glenarm. This Berkeley-based chain sprang from the same roots as that really big chain. But, oh so good and such a loyal following.

Now, sadly, Peet’s has closed its downtown store due to “slow weekend traffic”, even though weekdays saw constant long lines of devoted office workers. Behold the wisdom of the accounting department.

Peet’s closed just last Saturday but is already missed. They still live in Cherry Creek, though, and their fine beans are available in some stores. Call ahead.

Every coffee drinker has their favorite place to go and we still have some great ones. Common Grounds, Ink!, the Market on Larimer and many more.

Look for some interesting new use of the former Peet’s space, right next door to Cook’s Fresh Market. More to come!