Denver by the Slice Advertising Rates 011011
Space 2 Weeks Month Non-Profit
Denver Square* $45.00   $75.00 Less 20%    
Where to Live** $10.00 $18.50
*Denver Squares are front page 125×125 “live” ads for Logos, Copy and Links.
  Never more than 8 Denver Squares per issue.      
**Where to Live listings are for rental space (home, office or commercial)   
   in a consistent format, allowing links and single photo per listing    
Denver by the Slice has the right to accept or refuse any advertiser. Listing ads 
   invoiced on placement. Display ads will be invoiced monthly, net due.    
Advertising in Denver by the Slice reaches a very highly targeted audience of  
   residents, visitors and wannabe residents and visitors Downtown  
Contact Denver by the Slice for information on Page Sponsorship, and promo
  your business in a blatantly creative way
Rates are subject to change and are published on the site as of effective date.  
Advertise as a “Charter Slicer” by 10/1/11 and secure  rate for 1 year!


Contact Denver by the Slice at 303.718.1365 or

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