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Time for an update. After all, this is November of 2018!

We took some time off. Changed the site around a bit. Fought off some mechanical problems. And, so far, survived all types of climate changes, if you know what I mean. The blog is back and currently broadcasting from Europe. And, yes, it is still about Denver when we have a point to make. We are re-starting in Split, Croatia. We’ll move on in a couple of months. But there is much to show and to say. About the world. About the country. (Pick one) About the city, yours and ours. Enjoy the journey. And, as we have said so many times lately, “Good Luck to Us All!”


Originally, we said this and we’ll stick by the story:

This site serves up Living in Downtown Denver, by the Slice! Watch for items and articles on new places, old faces, good reviews and neighborhood news posted regularly during the week.

We started this as “just a blog” but now we are moving forward with more news, some regular features, and, of course, more opinion. This is the best neighborhood I have ever lived in, and I enjoy telling people about it. We hope you enjoy hearing, reading and participating in the news as well.

Feel free to comment on posts, or contact me, the purveyor of this news, at davidhuntress@gmail.com. We do respond! As an “old school” journalism type, we believe in the separation of church and state. Therefore, if you ever suspect we are on the take from someone we comment favorably about, call us on it. We won’t run Press Releases and editorial coverage will not be bias to any advertisers.

Content from this site may be used if attributed to the author and Denver by the Slice. Many photographs appearing on this site are copyrighted by Diane Huntress and further usage may be arranged by contacting www.dianehuntressphoto.com.


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