Considerations on a Cloudy Friday Downtown

Cold…but Spring really will come. Thousands of Denverites would consider the significance of Saturday, February 26 to be the beginning of Denver Restaurant Week. From tomorrow, through March 11. And, at this link, you can find all the restaurants, menus and information for reservations at nearly 300 places. Dozens of them are Downtown. Most of the best.

But, to many others, the most significant event of Saturday is the first Rockies game of the season. Sure, it’s just Spring Training, but the record is still perfect! Watch it on FSN at 1:10.

By the way, Restaurant Week will end just in time for the March 12 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Downtown. So, Restaurant “Week” is actually two weeks. And, St. Patrick’s “Day”, this year, will actually┬ábe six days. Ouch.

Then, for Sunday, another nagging question. Is Sunday the 27th with its Oscars and Red Carpet as big, bigger, or not as big a deal as the Sunday two weeks hence, March 13, Selection Sunday? That just causes one to go to Dixon’s to sign up for one of Matt’s (at the bar, of course) many profitable NCAA Tournament Pools. Everybody’s a winner, unless your lead team gets blown out in the second round.

And, isn’t it nice and spring-like to know that today an important meeting took place to plan five miles of professional bike race route through Downtown for this August’s Quizno’s Pro Challenge Bike Race? Trust us. It beats the St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Have a good weekend thinking these things over. And, come back to the Slice next week for a look at gallery openings at Plus and RedLine, kicking off the Denver Month of Photography!