Rumors Good Enough to Chew On!

Friday is always a good time to spread a little gossip. And, no, we don’t know any further changes in the status of Carmelo Anthony. But, isn’t it a shame that most of the rumored deals for him include a Chauncey Billups departure as well?

But I digress. Downtown is getting more restaurants. Surprised? A couple of new ones, a probable move, and a replacement. Let’s see how this all works out.

First, the replacement. Marrakesh, on that great little restaurant block of Blake Street between 15th and 16th, is going away. Just a couple of days left for Moroccan food in LoDo. Taking it’s place will be a bar/dog/burger place probably called Todd’s Dogs. Hmmm.

We heard some time ago that an upscale Downtown eatery needed to move. And, they are looking hard at the 20th and Lawrence area. We think we know who it is, but we won’t say and the property owners can’t say yet either. But soon!

The office building along Cherry Creek and between Wewatta and Wynkoop has filled up nicely. Soon, they’ll likely announce a new restaurant as well, one that will look out at, and try to grab, some of that Pepsi Center activity. Of course, you will read about it in the Slice!

And, the very personable Enrique Guerrero (until recently a partner in Mangiamo Pronto) is busy with his plans for the Spire and one other space. The other space is of interest because, as reported a few weeks ago in Westword, he will be the only chef, have only one seating, and only one menu each week. And, he’s good! But, where, you ask? We know that, too, but can’t tell you just yet. It’s in LoDo. It needs a little work. And, it looks like there may already be a car parked there. In fact, we can see it from here!

And, one last bit of Downtown development of the food and wine kind, a permit has been requested for a “high end” wine shop…in Writer Square. We suspect the new owners of the Square are not aware that one of those came and went rather quickly just a few years ago. This one is probably planning more neon to blend in to the rest of the center.