"FREE" Lunch Next Tuesday for Five Lucky Slice Readers!

First the facts. Denver by the Slice dropped a business card in the bowl at Crepes ‘n Crepes in Writer Square a couple of weeks ago. Well, we won! So, the first five Slice readers who tell me they want to go can have a Crepes lunch (drink and food to $15 per person!) It’s at 12:30, Tuesday, January 26 and probably will actually be fun.

The catch. Sure. But a simple one. Peter Brown from Waddell & Reed is buying. But, he is only going to be there for the first five minutes to talk a little finance, then leave. Really. Then we have the lunch, which will, by then, actually be FREE. (Diane won one of these a couple of years ago and it went as promised and a bunch of people had a great time at lunch!) So contact me if you want to do this at I’ll need to know by Monday. Pretty painless and good food of your choice.

The back story. Before I wrote this, I Googled “free lunch”. And, sure, many of the results purport that it does not exist. WikiPedia covers several iterations of the term, and, of course, the history. We all know that “Free Lunch” dates from the late 19th Century practice of providing and promoting a “free lunch” to bar patrons who purchased a drink. Rudyard Kipling even wrote that if a traveler were hungry in San Francisco, it was good to know the practice was widespread there.

But, then, there was no “free lunch”. A term emerged in the 1930’s that “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” The acronym TANSTAAFL became popularized in a Robert Heinlein novel in 1966, and as an economics term to explain cost structures for goods.

But, there is also the Free Lunch Paradox, which, we recall, is an Ontological Paradox to help explain events in time travel. But, we’re not going there. We are going to Crepes ‘n Crepes for our own Free lunch. Next Tuesday!