Tags be Gone!

Kudos to the group restoring and converting the former Colorado Saddlery building at 15th and Wynkoop in LoDo. Not only are they working meticulously on the exterior, but they are keeping the exterior free of grafitti. They recently knocked out the large brick panels at street level that used to be windows. Presumably to become windows again for planned retail spaces. Once knocked out, they covered the openings with plywood, very neatly, which soon became a tagger’s target. With four of the six 15th Street panels tagged, the construction people came out and painted it all away. Thank you!

Bob Fanch is the driving force behind this restoration and conversion of the former saddlery. It is reportedly being turned into offices, street level retail and a group of penthouse residences on top. Approved in 2006, it is good to see this moving along now. The restored exterior walls on the Wynkoop and Alley sides are beautiful. The 15th Street side restoration is anxiously awaited. Denver by the Slice has a lot of confidence in this project. Fanch has also put together his beautiful Devil’s Thumb Ranch Cross Country Ski Resort near Winter Park. Outstanding!