“Hey! Take Your Opinions Somewhere Else!”

Of course, Denver by the Slice has opinions…on many the diverse subject. And, on occasion, they even turn into a bit of a rant. Topics big and small. Topics of great civic importance. Topics that just seem important in the moment.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Architect

So to keep the regular content of Denver by the Slice, here, fresh and breezy…like you like it…we’ll occasionally take those other opinions somewhere else.

You can read a first installment, if you like, at this link. This is a compilation of some recent thoughts about Public Meetings. We posted it over in the Whole Words Market site, a new location, in the Opinion Aisle. Kind of like a bookshelf in the other room.

That should keep the drivel and fluff off of these pages so that we keep bringing you useful, or entertaining, information about living in Downtown Denver!