Mile High-5’s for Downtown Denver

Denver by the Slice is launching a regular feature this week with this column called “Mile High-5’s for Downtown Denver”. We’ll invite a noted, or known, resident to offer their favorites, five of them, about some factor of living here. We’ll get to restaurants, bars, hang-outs, galleries, stores, coffee shops, patios, favorite buildings, people and more through the year.

This week, since the kids and even grandkids are still hanging out for the holidays, we asked what were some of the best things for kids to do in this part of town. We asked long-time resident, friend, and sage, Jerry Fredericks about it. Here are her Mile High-5 experiences with grandson, Dylan.

1.Playing and exploring in Cherry Creek and the Platte. “Dylan grew up with them, from learning to skip rocks, floating boats, watching wildlife to roller blading along. Always something to do and see!” (Editor’s note: Every kid should have a creek to grow up with as an essential right. Here, they get both a creek AND a river.)

2.Riding up and down the Mall on the shuttle bus, and again.

3.The hot dogs at My Brother’s Bar. Especially in the summer on the patio when they bring balloons.

4.Exploring all the hidden outdoor areas in the tall downtown buildings – up and down stairs, through gardens and across bridges.

5.And, of course, a trip to REI because you might get a gift out of it!

Thank you, Jerry! She actually went over the limit and sent others like the Children’s Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Skatepark and movies at the Pavilions, but she did comment that the best and most memorable activities seemed to be the ones that are just here for the making. Non-commercial attributes of living in Downtown Denver. Adults having fun with the kids!