RTD Mall Shuttle Adds Un-Scheduled Stop at Saddlery Building!

Today, just after 10 this morning, a turning RTD Shuttle took out part of the construction fence at the ongoing renovation of the Saddlery Building at 15th and Wynkoop. Links of the fence were dragged into Wynkoop Street by the bus, blocking one of the lanes of traffic on this narrow, but busy, street. The fence sections were bent, but no people were.

Wynkoop at 15th is a narrow 2-way, made even narrower by the bike lane-crowding construction fence. Yet, every day, RTD moves its fleet of shuttles in and out for rush periods, through that intersection, back and forth to their resting place.

And, these guys are lousy at turning those buses. If you are unlucky enough to be a pedestrian on the Saddlery side of the street facing one of those turns, you will be frightened and brought to a standstill. Any approaching RTD bus is reason enough for concern. A turning shuttle bus can instill panic.

Future Restaurant Terrace?

As for the Saddlery construction/renovation, the contractor is not at liberty to discuss the project, but workers estimate they will be there several more months. Then, we get a sidewalk, finally, along the Wynkoop side of the building. And, eventually, the shuttles will stop using that route with the new location of the Light Rail. They’ll have to find new fences to run over.