Heist or Hike? Silver Bear Goes Missing!

For 29 years in Writer Square, David Scott held fort at his stylish Triage clothing store. When the center’s new owners thought rents should go up, oh, by 30% or so, David decided it was time to do something else.

As the rest of one of Denver’s prime mixed-use urban spaces morphed into a strip mall, complete with Starbucks, Sprint and Subway Sandwiches and plenty of vacant storefronts, the owners struggled to find new tenants. The former Triage space became Silver Bear Jewelry and had a total makeover.

Then, just last weekend, after only a few weeks of business, Silver Bear disappeared. The place is empty. No one even left a note. The next door neighbors have no clue at all as to what happened.

This was supposed to be an offspring of a store in Aspen. Can’t find that one either. One night a couple of years ago, a Thomas Kincaid store in Aspen pulled the same thing. Ran off into the night.

So, Downtown is down one bear. Nothing to feel too blue about. But, what’s next at Writer Square?