Ho! Ho! Oh! So, so Green this Season!

You live in LoDo. In fact, you are so into living in LoDo, you do it without a car. But, you need a real Christmas Tree. Reasonably priced. Not too big. Where do you get it and, more importantly, how do you get it home? No problem…this year.

This article won’t sell any more trees this season for Tiri’s Garden Holiday Tree Lot, but they claim they will be back next year. They sold all of their trees that should have been sold, and they donated the rest to Denver Catholic Charities.
Here’s the story.

In the undeveloped lot at 15th and California, Dale Deleo (with a bunch of help) built a raised garden for the neighborhood last summer. Nicely landscaped (that’s his business), the garden produced produce for some urban gardeners and a Farmer’s Market. It’s called Tiri’s Garden, named for one of the children special to Christie Isenberg and the Concerts for Kids program. And, the garden will be in bloom again this spring. For the winter, Dale turned the garden into a tree lot this holiday season and set about to get some publicity.

Not only did he sell trees that had come from de-forestation projects, he gave away hot chocolate and cookies. And, he gave away a portion of the proceeds to the Concerts for Kids Program. Dale’s company, Europa Escape Landscaping is also responsible for a lot of the larger lighting projects around town. This allowed the Tree Lot to trade new LED lights, at a discount, for old lights brought in by customers.

Dale did get publicity. In print, and on television. We just happened to see it on a newscast the very day we were trying to figure out how to get a tree, without a car, being so, so Green! Our lucky day! We had a similar purely-by-chance event only a few weeks earlier, when home on a Saturday afternoon, we just happened to be standing in the kitchen when a shower in the unit above went awry and spewed buckets of water into our place. Fortunately we had buckets. You need those downtown, too.
Well, the tree is a beautiful 6-foot Lodgepole Pine (no beetles) and it is now covered in new blue LED lights. Good job, Dale! And, the dilemma that started this quest? No problem. Just hop on the Mall Shuttle! Trees ride free!

Happy Holidays!
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