It’s S..S..S..S..Snowing! And, Here are S..S..S..Some Things to Think About While It’s Coming Down.

So, we finally are getting some snow in Downtown. Cold to follow. Just brings to mind a few other things, all starting with the letter “S” that are at least as fun as watching Downtown turn into a frozen paradise.

Station Lights. They’ll look their best in the snow. Except for that goofy tree thing strung to the flagpole.

Sidewalks. Snow covers up the flaws and the pizzas. If you can’t see it, you can’t worry about stepping in it.

Shoveling. Face it. If you live Downtown, you are probably not going to shovel anything!

Stock Show Weather. Just around the corner. It’s worse. But, on Thursday the 6th at Noon, watch the annual “Spookin’ of the Steers” as the longhorns try to get around the steam vents on 17th.

Spring Training! Just about seven weeks away. And, then a few weeks later the Rockies open on April Fool’s Day. Hmmm.

Schnapps! It’s going to get cold.