Berlin on the Move Again…But, Primetime Runs Out for PrimeBar

In today’s Denver Post, Penny Parker is reporting that PrimeBar, at 16th and Arapahoe, has closed. That’s a large, sprawling space that was trying to be a gathering place/sports bar/casual restaurant, and, frankly, failing at all three. And, the fact that it has closed before New Year’s is unusual, as most places try to at least hang on for one last hurrah and “ca-ching” at the bar. (Update: And, a few more “ca-chings” could have helped towards the back taxes shown on the state Seizure notice at the door.)

The right people were not gathering here. Just having a bunch of TV’s does not a sports bar make. And, a menu of snacks won’t make you a restaurant. Something was wrong here. Service was fair to non-existent. Hostess-types always tried to put you where they wanted you, not where you wanted to be. And, what could still be a great patio for summer afternoons will languish again. The first executive chef went running and screaming before the place opened. Something was wrong here. Denver by the Slice hopes that the next occupant(s) will make smaller and more manageable spaces…and have a clear idea of what they want to be.

Meanwhile, those wacky, fun-lovingĀ Germans are on the move again! Berlin, which had a loyal following for years on East 17th Avenue, did us all a huge favor six years ago when they moved Downtown to 14th and Tremont. And, they make their next move, next spring, to a very central location, just off the Mall at 16th and Champa. Upstairs. Beer Deck/Garden. We can’t wait!

Ummm, Schnitzel!

Berlin, unlike many restaurants, knows exactly what it does and does it well. Good German food, plentiful portions, friendly service, good Paulaner beers, schnapps forĀ kind patrons, and the type of owners that get Christmas gifts from their customers.

Until April, of course, still visit Berlin on 14th, before the street gets too torn up. Then, in Spring, visit Berlin on the Mall. Das Gut!