Something to Do With Your New Calendar!

So…you’re not working this week. You promise to get caught up on all those things that you haven’t done all year. And, you won’t. But, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment by hanging the new 2011 calendar on the wall…probably close to the fridge.

Well, already, here’s something to put on it. Late July. Right here in Denver. The County Fair! Yee Haw. Read all about it here.

At the National Western Grounds, all your neighbors will be there!

Seems we’ve never really had one actually in the fine City and County of Denver, even though it was originally intended. So, about 150 years late, your lucky days have arrived. You’ll be able to show off your prize livestock (read “chickens”), your best blueberry pie recipe and your preserving talents (not to be confused with preservation talents).

Meet me at the fair!