Gift Wrap that Meatloaf? Dixons Announces Daily Comfort Food Menu Just In Time for the Holidays!

Here’s good news for those of us living or working in Downtown Denver! Dixons Downtown Grill, on the Mall at Wazee since 1997, is rolling out comfort food. A warm dinner on a cold night for just $9.99! If there is a better place Downtown than Dixons to give you a feeling of familiarity and well-being (the definition of “comfort food”), let us know.

Chef Aaron Youngbood is putting his own touches on this nightly dinner menu, and, it will be around for a while. Monday is, of course, Chicken Pot Pie day. Tuesday is for Beef Brisket. Wednesday brings out the Stuffed Meatloaf. Thursday is the day you order an Herb-Roasted 1/2 Chicken. Then, Friday, they’ll offer Shrimp, Chips and Slaw. Come back Saturday for those Slow-Roasted Short Ribs. And, on Sunday, show up for Steak Stroganoff. All dinners are just $9.99. Yes, just $9.99. Dinner.

Behind all those gift-wrapped holiday windows, another present to Downtown. Give us comfort!