Slow News Day? Would You Like a Muffin?

A space that couldn’t make it as a Starbucks is being transformed to a muffin shop. This is the space next to the entrance to the Regional Headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency. Next to the Chase branch, close to pizza stuff and across from Union Station on the lower end of the 16th Street Mall. I don’t recall seeing “muffins” on the lists of items reported in polls of LoDo residents’ concerns, but here they come.

This is going to be one of about a half dozen Colorado locations of a franchise that nationally operates nearly 110 stores. Their website claims over 20 flavors of muffins made fresh daily, cupcakes too, bagels, egg sandwiches, party platters, salads and sandwiches, and coffee and espresso drinks. Lots of stuff from a small space.

Franchised from a company called BabCorp of Deerfield, Illinois, the Colorado franchise territory developer started in 1995 way out south on Arapahoe Road.

Brewster’s Coffee is featured, along with Big Apple Bagels, the other key brands involved. What they won’t have, though, is a friendly, warm meeting place of nooks and crannies, filled to the rafters with books, magazines, papers…and coffee and food. Downtown development needs to be about more than muffins and sandwiches.

But, muffins are not donuts. So, we’ll wait to see how they go over with the Homeland Security boys.