Just Like Rockefeller Plaza…Sort Of.

Light the lights! Tonight, the holiday lights throughout Downtown Denver come on for the season. Highlighting the luminosity is, of course, the Civic Center and the opulent display adorning the City and County Building. A nightly traffic jam. Unless you really need to see, up close and personal, the “every-Dad’s front yard” assembly of creatures and cradles, the best view of the lighting is from back…way back…as in near the Capitol Building. And, likely you can avoid the crawling traffic that way without the kids and dogs hanging out the windows of suburban SUV’s.

Next, the full length of the 16th Street Mall is ablaze in LED bright white lighting. And, in the middle of that, at Skyline Park, the D&F Tower stands guard over decorated buildings, the new Southwest Airlines Ice Skating Rink and their very tall decorated Spruce tree. (Okay, it’s not a real tree. And, it does gain a lot of its height from sitting on a big gold gift box. And, it does look suspiciously like the tree that has stood at the Christkindl Markt the last couple of years. Or the one that Continental Airlines used to sponsor in Larimer Square that always stuck out into the street. But…there are real lighted pines next to it here!) The tower lights change constantly as does the time on the clock.

And, speaking of trees, which we will in a moment, Union Station is illuminated as a LoDo beacon…without the traffic jams and without a respectable “tree”. Denver by the Slice is starting a campaign to upgrade the “tree” concept portion of the Union Station lighting. Stringing lights from the top of a flagpole does not count. It’s just tacky. So, our goal is to move towards a real tree…sort of like Rockefeller Plaza…by the time the re-make of the Wynkoop Plaza takes place during the redevelopment project. Surely we can find someone to sponsor this, some company with a stake in the area. For the right price, in fact, Denver by the Slice will professionally manage the marketing effort for this and other activities at the area. We need a real tree.  Don’t you think?

But, of all the lighting celebrations that go on tonight, the Union Station event is the only one that has Dinger-Claus! Since it’s the off-season, Dinger can’t be everywhere. He can’t fit down the chimney at the Clocktower. And, there are already plenty of characters at the City and County Building.