From the South of Burgundy…To an Alley Near You!

As we all know, the third Thursday of every November is the official date for uncorking the annual edition of Beaujolais Nouveau. And, frankly, we usually skip that, filing it away with events like Cinco de Mayo that seem marketing driven and marketing driven alone for their existence.

Ummm! Friday!

But, they are really trying…again…to make this worthwhile and worth the hype. That finally may be starting to translate into better wines.

The Gamay grape grows best in the granite-thick area of Beaujolais, not too far from Lyon, and comprising the southern 35 miles or so of the Burgundy region. Gamay alone is used in this short-fermented wine (just 7-9 weeks) meant to celebrate the end of the harvest. And, that really has gone on for a long time. But, as business would have it, the middle 70’s saw the rise of marketing to build business and make the annual release a major media event. Races to Paris with bottles for the date. Tap into foreign markets like the United States (never one to fall for any marketing scheme) and build international sales of the youngster. And, just too darn often, the wine had odd notes and aftertaste. Many times, frankly reminiscent of bananas. Not everyone likes their wine to taste like a banana.

So, today, with some trepidation, Denver by the Slice joined Jed and Paige at Wines off Wynkoop’s Friday afternoon tasting to try out this year’s offering. From the “inventor” and marketing spirit of Beaujolais Nouveau, Georges Deboeuf. And, you know, it was pretty good. More fruit. No banana.

We reviewed as “Interesting.” “Drinkable.” “Not bad.” And, a few other near-accolades. For just $10, this works and then you can wait until next year’s.

A Votre Sante!