Weekend Preview…

In the Dog Days of November (that time between the end of the World Series or the Election and the start of College Basketball)…

There are hundreds of things you can do this weekend in Downtown Denver. Check out all the activities of Denver Arts Week here at their site. Or, take in a film. The 33rd Denver Film Festival is lighting up screens around town. Find the schedule here at their site.

But, with such good weather, you may want to stay out. So wander up to Larimer Street and take a look at the progress of that street re-make between 15th and 20th. Coming along well. Then, enjoy watching the sun go down just before 6 for the last time for a few months…and remember to change your clock.

It’s never too early, speaking of calendars, to mark yours for Sunday, August 28, 2011. That’s when you can watch the final stage of the Quizno’s Pro Challenge Bicycle Race, as the best riders in the world make their way from Golden to Downtown Denver via a route that will be anything but a straight line.

After you’ve done all of that (and, you can’t have a post-Broncos headache since they mercifully don’t play this week) come back to the Slice for more news of living in Downtown Denver…and a real fish story.