Hide the Bananas!

Gorillas will fill the streets on Saturday for the seventh annual Denver Gorilla Run, benefitting the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. And, it all starts, of course, and ends, at the Wynkoop Brewery. So, at about 11:00, the mounted pace bananas will depart followed by over a thousand (Count ’em!) gorillas. All shapes and sizes and costumes no real gorilla would be caught in. They’ll run, skate, scoot, bike, stroll, dance and mambo their way around a course down Wynkoop Street, across Manny’s bridge, back and forth on the paths along the creek and river, and then back to a cold beer at the Wynkoop.

Monkeying Around on Manny's Bridge

We might frown at some of the groups who take up our streets, but it’s impossible not to smile at a gorilla. Baby gorillas, hula gorillas, cheerleader gorillas, beach gorillas, hockey gorillas, cooking gorillas, dog gorillas, ballroom gorillas, camo gorillas…but no guerillas. Single, married, parried and the ever-popular corporate gorilla teams that never seem to be on the same memo.

Of course, real gorillas know to stay away from this and just count the money raised at the end of the day. And, it’s a bunch.

The Wynkoop Brewery recently started canning its Silverback Pale Ale and proceeds help the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. You can find out more at

And, on Saturday morning, grab your coffee and enjoy these apes. But, keep the bananas hidden just to be sure. Next to the beer!