Lights On at Four Seasons!

The Four Seasons Hotel opened today, Tuesday, October 19. Congratulations to them for completing an impressive project. They have added more places for friends and relatives of Downtown residents to stay, as well as a new restuarant of the steakhouse persuasion, Edge, with its destination wine display.

For some time now, though, the tower lights have been illuminating the night sky. The rooftop spire is bathed in light with the requisite red beacon at the top. And, around the base of that spire is a revolving effect of colored lights in constant movement. It’s nice. It’s subtle. It does not shout. And, it places the Four Seasons in the Top Three Lighted Denver Towers right along with the City and County Building and the D & F Tower on the Mall. Best observed from a loft rooftop!

If you happened to have grown up in Kansas City, you may be reminded of the old BMA Weather Light Tower near Union Station there. Dads used to like to get out of the house at night and go watch it predict the next day’s weather with a code system. Some dads anyway. Mostly engineers.

And, it should be mentioned that another Denver tower hasĀ entered the competition. The eyesore formerly known as the Total Tower at Elitch’s, formerly known as Six Flags, now has lots of colored lights on it. Changing it from just an eyesore to a color-lighted eyesore.