From Boney’s Point of View…

At Writer’s Square, that enigma of a mixed-use urban space, the best view of what is going on may be from the corner hosting the Boney’s Pit BBQ Express cart, very near 16th and Lawrence. Every weekday, they fire up the little smoker and start pumping out pulled pork sandwiches, apparently unbothered by the chaos of the continuing re-development of Writer Square.

From Boney’s, you can see the one new store going in now. Taking the former place of clothier and friend┬áDavid Scott’s 29-year run with Triage, is reportedly a “high end jewelry retailer from Aspen.” No doubt, they couldn’t find a second Aspen location across from a new Subway shop so they came to Writer Square.

From Boney’s, though, you cannot see the three new empty spaces at the Larimer side of this emerging strip mall. Closing within the last few days are neighbors Jamba Juice, Evil Bean Coffee and the Chez Cheese Gourmet Market. More may come. But, empty spaces abound in what is supposed to be a re-energized pedestrian area in the middle of Downtown.

The cheese shop will be missed by those of us who knew when to show up to avoid, or to join,┬áthe long lines of people ordering the “Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich of the Day.” As will Denver’s friendliest cheese slicer!