Point of View…from La Cruz and the World!

Quite a week. But, a quiet week in La Cruz. This is the second time we have lived out of the country during the lead-up to a national election. And, I highly recommend it.

Of course, we stay connected. I am a bit of a news junkie, political junkie and junkie of all trades somewhat leading back, I think, to my days as a journalism major at Kansas. I like to see the story presented right, and, yes, I lean left.

Nonetheless I am finding it best to observe from afar. Traveling in Europe so much on business turned me into a fan of foreign papers like The Guardian, The Times, Nice Matin, even the International Herald Tribune. The main benefit was a presentation of news and information from a different viewpoint…especially about what was going on in the United States. And, there was less noise.

A careful look at the trunk of a palm tree sheds light on its life.
A careful look at the trunk of a palm tree sheds light on its life.

We look in a bit on Charlie Rose and the CBS Morning News and, of course, Sunday Morning. I like a daily dose of MSNBC, CNN, even what remains of the Denver Post and a few other outlets. But, the BBC is well read and listened to at Denver by the Slice. So is CPR and PBS. I like the news process, if not always the news.

In the New York Times the other day, for instance, there was an interesting piece about a Mexican development that was questionable in some ways…and had Colorado connections. It seems a Denver-based development group, the Black Creek Group, was trying to establish a beachhead in a small burg between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas over on the Baja Peninsula. The development, near the fishing village of Todos Santos was about to displace local fishermen, who had worked the small bay for hundreds of years, with a bunch of houses, small offices, a boutique hotel and even a branch campus of Colorado State University.

It is a developing story. But the main problem is common in that part of Mexico. There is no water. Barely even enough for the few residents and ex-pats who live in Todos Santos.

Some of those residents were described thusly by the reporter, Kirk Semple: “…and the sort of scruffy Americans who look as if they took a wrong turn on their way home from an Allman Brothers concert, ended up on the Baja Peninsula and decided to stay?” That’s reporting!

There’s bound to be even more news this week. Hope you enjoy it.

After the Storm
After the Storm