The Rainy Season Arrived Yesterday in the Bay of Banderas. Right on Time!

Read any guidebook about this area of Mexico. Ask any wag. Put it to any pundit. Or, just talk to the people who live here. There is a rainy season.

Looks like Rain!

And, the overall consensus is that it starts in mid-June and lasts until early October. We’ll stick around for that last part, too. But, the start was exactly as promised!

Early in the morning, Wednesday, June 15, thunder and lightening followed by a full half inch of rain. First rain in the month we have been here. Rainy season. Right on time.

And, just for good measure, there was another storm later in the day complete with sound effects and a terrific light show visible all over the bay. The forecast today is for more rain tonight. Then, more Friday evening, probably again on Saturday.

But, the air cools off and the mornings are likely sunny. The streets get a little cleaner and the beer tastes just as good. Takes the edge off the day. So, the Rainy Season in the Puerto Vallarta region has begun.

The other figure everyone knows is that they average 110 centimeters of rain in the rainy season. That’s just more than 43″. Only 42″ more to go!