Pricey Pickle Prompts the Question: Should the Name of this Lo-Hi Eatery be Changed?

When you live in Downtown Denver, you have choices to make about buying your food supplies. You choose what to get and where to get it. Pick a good Deli-style dill pickle, for instance. One of those fat guys. Out of a jar on the counter. Hopefully, house made.

Then, having worked up the sufficient Jones for that, think about which direction to go, what else you need to pick up along the way, how good the last one you had was…and set out. Take your wallet.

If your assembled outing includes some healthy yogurt and a tuna sandwich, some savory spices and herbs from that great little shop on Platte Street…and that deli pickle…naturally you will head west towards the Highlands.

But, what has gotten into those pickles? Gold? Platinum? Rolex watches? Really, this pickle today, out of the jar, cost $3.00! One pickle. $3.00! Same pickle, same jar, just a few months ago…$2.00. That’s some serious inflation, but the pickle is the same size as always.

Same idea, say from Marcyzks, up on 17th Avenue, just $1.00! From the jar on the fine butcher counter at Kaune’s Neighborhood Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico…just 89 cents! Good pickles.

Seriously, but not as seriously as other world issues, you won’t bite into a pricier pickle in Denver…than the one at Lo-Hi’s “Masterfleece” Deli. C’mon guys!