Season’s Over. That was a Good Ride!

Denver by the Slice is known to be a baseball fan, but that’s not entirely what this post is about. Yes, the Rockies ended their home schedule yesterday on September 29. For much of the season, we were led to believe they were true contenders. In the end, they were true pretenders. But, it was fun and exciting at times, especially the crazy first two weeks of this last month. A pretty good ride.

The better ride took place every Wednesday from about the middle of May and featured hundreds of costume-clad cruiser bike riders plying over varying routes, mostly involving some Downtown Streets. The Denver Cruisers have a good time. And, sadly, their last ride of the season was also September 29. The theme for this week’s finale, “Ski In/Ski Out.” As these are mostly well-behaved, fun-loving groups of riders, imagine our surprise to see them kidnap an RTD bus, surrounding it and preventing it from running a red light on 15th Street. Good job! Those monster vehicles are far more dangerous moving than standing still. Reinforcements soon arrived and they all rode on. There is no word as to what happened to the bus. Likely, it was late.

Throughout the summer, the Denver Cruisers provided a weekly Downtown sideshow of costumes, lively banter, honking horns and bells. In June, they had “Dress Night.” Later, it was “Clowns”. Marie Antoinette rode by one night followed by a French Chef. To mark the real beginning of fall, the theme was “Tweed,” of course. To start the season off, they chose “Pink” which is the color we will all see plenty of this coming Sunday with the Susan G. Kommen Race for the Cure, benefiting the battle against breast cancer.

Well…like the Rockies…the season’s over. The bruisin’s are over. The cruisin’s over. Just wait until next year!