Back in Denver, the Pearl Street Pumpkin Patch Project Deserves Your Support!

Photo man community garden
Where the corn is as high as the founder’s eye! Steve Koloskus in the Patch.

Well, so do the Broncos. But, since you probably are not headed to New York for the big game, and you’ll have all that extra cash laying around in Denver, here’s a terrific project for you to get behind.

And, if you live Downtown, you’ll want to learn from this and hope more projects like this spread to your own neighborhood!

Steve Koloskus is a long-time friend, colleague, and teammate of mine. He’s also been a long-time catalyst for positive activity in the South Pearl Street Neighborhood of Denver. Over the years, I can tell you, he’s been through a lot. But he’s a very creative guy, and in that time, a seed grew right next to his office. That seed became a garden. That garden is about to become the Pearl Street Pumpkin Patch and Urban Garden…with your help.

Look at the Patch Project at this link on the Neighborhood Catalyst site. Fund raising is modest, but only has a few weeks left. This is the way “crowd funding” should work. Real and beneficial projects that affect a community and a cause. Take a look!

And, here is just a preview of the information and the story Steve tells on the video you’ll find at that site:

Despite its playful name, The Pearl Street Pumpkin Patch & Urban Garden has an earnest purpose. This is a place where the best practices in urban agriculture, resource conservation, and community-building are available to local residents and businesses, civic and cultural organizations, and educational institutions. Here neighbors, colleagues, and like-minded merchants meet, share, learn, connect, and grow. The garden and its companion buildings also welcome those challenged by serious illness, trauma, tragedy, or other life challenges, offering a place to contemplate, commune, grieve, and even work as a means to cope.

Help this project grow!