Neighborhood Watch…Santa Fe Style!


In one short week of living in Santa Fe, after one short week of visiting friends in Santa Fe, we have already made some discoveries.

The cappuccino is excellent at Ecco. The pastry (very French!) is terrific at Clafoutis. The Customer Service at Sprout’s is exceptional, throughout the store. The wine selections vary greatly at every market. The bratwurst made by Eddie, one of the butchers at Kaune’s Market, is, perhaps, the best of that style I have ever had in this country. Nearly everyone is very friendly, probably because they seem to be happy to have someone to talk to in January. We found the same thing in Croatia last January…just a different language.

Trader Joe’s is odd. Good prices, though, on some things. Fight the crazy cart-driving shoppers to seek out high value/low cost olive oils and wines. Do have breakfast at the Guadalupe Cafe. Do not eat at the Blue Corn Cafe. Really.

And, do enjoy the throwback atmosphere and the fine local beer, Alien, at the bar in La Fonda.

The only things missing so far in January in Santa Fe…are clouds.