Downtown Dog Park Opening Thursday, September 23!

Dogs Downtown are marking their…calendars. And, at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, watch out for the on-leash rush to the new off-leash Railyard Dog Park. These are fancy dog digs at the intersection of Basset Street and 19th in the Riverfront area.

Seriously, a bunch of very dedicated people have been working on this project for six years. Raising money, securing the latest designs and consulting world-wide for Dog Park Best Practices. Denver’s newest dog park features separate areas for the big guys and the little guys, a gravel surface with engineered drainage, lights, trees and landscaping, shade shelters, seating and…water for the dogs and their managers.

But, they still need your help to complete the funding. The Riverfront Community Foundation has extended it’s matching grant until Oct 15th so that every donation received between now and then will be doubled! You can help out at their special events and by going to their website here.

 The hardworking Board of Directors includes A.J. Zabbia of 68 West Engineering, Amy Cara and Matt Mahoney of East-West Partners, and Brenda Smith, a Downtown resident.

After 7 p.m. Thursday, then every day thereafter, the new Railyard Dog Park will make a lot of dogs happy. Their own park. So, now Downtown has a kid’s park (LoDo Children’s Playground), people parks (think Commons) and one that’s going to the dogs.
Bark on!