Spring has Arrived in Croatia. Hey, What Happened to Winter?

There were always so many projects that, over the years, ended up classified as “We’ll get to that on a nice snowy day this winter.” And, even when those snowy days came, those same projects just never seemed to make it to the top of the “Things to Do Today” list. There was always something else to do, a program to watch or somewhere to go…even in the worst weather.

When we moved out of the country last fall, we knew full well that we could only live in the EU countries for 90 days on normal Tourist Visas courtesy of our US passports and the Schengen Agreement. So, after the initial 90 days, or just about New Years, we knew to travel outside that zone to Croatia and Montenegro, passing the time until we could legally return to Italy, France, and other EU countries. And, in just a few weeks, we will do that.

But, we were also sure that this “Time Out” period would be our time to get a lot of work done, waiting out and working through what we labeled “The Dark of Winter.” Re-build a web site or two, get a good start on the great American-living-out-of-the-country novel, file a few travel articles, catch up on our reading, and, generally, productively pass the time. Stay out of what we were sure would be horrible winter weather, stay dry, try to stay warm and stay busy.

Well, the busy worked.

And, for the most part, so has the dry and warm.

But, it’s just been so damned nice! How can you expect to get anything done when the sun comes out, the rain clears, the coffee’s terrific, the people are interesting and friendly, the palm trees are so green, the scenery and the history are outstanding and fascinating…and, the company is good? Besides, you have to buy the groceries, cook the meals, take out the trash and figure out the basics of daily living in a foreign country that you are actually starting to understand a little bit.

Dark of Winter? I think we missed it. And, when you look back at it, we hope your winter has been as nice and pleasantly un-productive as ours!