The Importance of the Number 13

A wandering mind on a Friday afternoon, not the 13th, comes across an opening announcement. Then, said mind remembers that something else should be opening. Peet’s. Good, good coffee. Downtown. BORN AGAIN! And, opening on September 13! We wrote about the previous Downtown store’s demise in January. That’s the new Peet’s Coffee and Tea at the Sheraton, a store to be run by licensees…and none too soon. We only hope they have the same Freddo skills as the company-operated locations. It’s a much shorter bus trip to Court Place. 13. Good number.

And, how about the importance of 13 straight wins for the Rockies. We just about wrote them off last week. Two weeks ago, we just said that an upcoming week of multiple road trips would, or would not determine how the season would end. It did not. Now, with 7 consecutive, they really do have a chance to do something. They will have a much better chance if they win the next six home games against the Rattlers and the Friars. Tall order. To get to 13. They will need good coffee for fuel!

Oh, and the opening that prompted a mind to wander. Not on the 13th, but the 22nd. Smashburger comes to Downtown at the Tabor Center. Seems they would have landed sooner, but the pizza place next door oozed into (Hey!) 13 extra inches of space causing new permits to be required.

That’s today’s lucky┬ánumber!


  • David Huntress

    As a mini-postscript to this post, the Rockies on Friday night scored 13 runs in a win that put them 13 games over .500 for the first time this season.

  • Peggi

    A friend and I made a special trip to the Sheraton yesterday for a Peets — oh, how we’ve missed them! — but the opening has been slightly delayed until later in the week.