With all due respect for Bistro Vendome…

“La Taca D’Oli”, 35 rue Pairoliere, Vieux-Nice

There can be no finer Moules et Frites anywhere than here. This spot reached out to us one night while wandering through the old city. Warm lights inside, very friendly people and the last of only about 12 tables. You need to try this if you are here. You should make a special trip here just to try it. A reasonably priced “Menu” at just 19 Euros gets you a choice of Entree, a choice of Plat and a choice of Dessert. Choose the Moules. You cannot get these in Denver. Not like this.

Like many of the restaurants in Vieux-Nice, this is hard to find. But, once you do, you’ll want to go back. We already have!