There’s Blue, and then there’s Bleu!

Never having lived by the sea, I’m not surprised by how important it has become to see, visit, even stare for long periods at this very blue body of water every chance of every day. The wind is fresh. The waves change daily, but landing on a rocky beach, they are always clean and white. It’s just beautiful and, apparently, lots of other people agree.

In Nice, the walkway along the sea serves as a major thoroughfare for walkers, runners, skaters and bicyclists (in their own separate lanes complete with traffic lights that are, of course, ignored), tourists, lovers and gawkers. No beach vendors save the one “Presse” kiosk. And, other than all the beach restaurants, most of which are now closed for the season, there are just the frequent benches and Velo-bleu bike share stands. And, always lots of people.

Nice runs down its many hills to the beach with convenient cafe, restaurant and shopping stops along the way. The bus network around and up and down those hills is extensive and efficient. The trams run quietly. Approaching late October, the city bustles. It works.

We’ve mailed our election ballots and the lady at La Poste assured us they will arrive in time. It is a rewarding experience to vote from foreign soil. (And, yes, we voted for the right people.) I still haven’t seen a Broncos jersey or sloppy Nuggets shorts. Just a couple of NY Yankee hats which should probably be disappearing now. Haven’t seen a television, either, for that matter. But, we sure have a nice sea to look at. It will have to do.