Some Things We’ve Found about Nice Cote d’Azur…that are Different than Downtown Denver

Shopping with Friends

No trash on the streets and the plazas are spotless.
There’s fresh French bread everywhere!
Comfortable cafes abound and there’s not a Starbucks in sight!
Great selection of fine wines…at very low prices.
And, the food prices are low, too.
Nobody rides their bike on the sidewalk.
The bike sharing program here is at least as popular as the one in Denver…but the bikes are blue.

Light Rail…on Grass!

Fresh produce and flower markets on every block. And, out of downtown, lush green tropical growth full of birds and flowers.
The buses are clean. Quiet. Frequent. With courteous drivers that actually make change.
And, when they put in a tram, they found ways to create new green space!
Did I mention the sea breeze?