Important Downtown People We’ll Miss…But You Should Make It a Point to Know!

Tom and Jerry at Wines off Wynkoop. Waiting to get the business.

These guys are usually found in the alley, near a bottle of wine. With good reason, of course. They not only know their wines, brew some of their own not-for-sale beer, and police the alley and dumpster outside their door…but at least one of them also knows an inordinate amount of trivia about Philadelphia sports teams. We can only hope we find another wine shop in another country that works so well!





Jim McCotter, LoDo’s Barrister Emeritus

And, then, there’s Jim. For years he has worked endlessly on agreements between bars and restaurants and the neighborhood to keep everyone as good neighbors in Lower Downtown. It’s not easy to monitor all the licenses and establishments and always keep the peace. It takes a special person. And, he is.


(Photos: HipsterPix, exclusively for Denver by the Slice)