Good Luck With That Driving Around Thing This Sunday!

Benefit of Downtown Living!

Many, many roads will be closed in and around Downtown Denver this Sunday, primarily between the hours of 10 and 4. The U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge will stage its 7th Colorado race of 2012 with an individual time trial starting and ending in Civic Center Park.

In the process, they’ll take up Colfax from Civic Center to Speer, Speer in both directions between 9th Avenue and Larimer Street, then Larimer to 15th. After a quick dash through the Square, 15th to Lawrence, back to Speer, then to Colfax, to Lincoln, to 17th and up to and around City Park, retruning on 17th. Here’s a link to the map.

Enter the chaos. First of all, there’s the matter of about 150,000 people showing up like last year to watch the race. They come by car, bike, walking, but mostly car. Parking somewhere. It’s ironic how many people claim to love bike racing…if they can drive there to see it.

Then, of course, “The Show Must Go On.” The Book of Mormon.  In there somewhere. People will not have an easy time navigating their way to the Sunday Matinee at the DCPA. Solution: Enter Downtown from the West or North, Auraria Parkway, or the long way around City Park on the North side. If you get Downtown at all, good luck from there!

And, over at Mile High, the Broncos will be throwing up a lot of prayers of their own, creating another massive Denver traffic mess…if not another sub-par Bronco experience.

Kudos to the cops for putting up with all of this.We’re confident, though, that Denver drivers will undoubtedly show all of their skills of courtesy and good behavior. Sunday Best! Sure.