Was It Something We Said? Charlie Palmer is Leaving Wazee Street…and Denver!

Charlie, we hardly knew ya’. Just last Tuesday, during LoDo Bites, our fourth stop put me right in front of Charlie Palmer for the first time. I had wanted to meet him, and I wanted to share some sincere compliments for the quality of a fine wine dinner we had had just the week before at his restaurant.

Liz Orr, Diane and David Huntress with Chef Charlie Palmer at LoDo Bites. After August 31, Charlie is Out of the Picture. Photo Courtesy LoDo District, Inc.

He’s an affable guy. Successful. And, he was thankful for my comments. I thanked him for bringing his restaurant to the neighborhood and I told him I hoped things were going well. His reply, “We’re trying our best!”

Two days later he announced the closing of Charlie Palmer’s District Tavern, along with Wazee Wood Fire Pizza, connected next door. The re-branding of District Meats came too late and now both restaurants are for sale after less than a year. Hopefully the video screens are for sale also. Is there an Il Fornaio out there somewhere?

Charlie Palmer. Leaving Denver. Anyone else?