Show Offs! Financial Firm Closes Larimer Square!

Ameriprise Financial wants you to know they have a lot of money. And, to drive that point home, Denver, they’ll close Larimer Square Wednesday night, August 8…for a party. Oh, by the way, you’re not invited.

“Ameriprise Financial is the largest financial planning company in the United States and is among the 25 largest asset managers in the world,” so sayeth they. 3,000 of their best friends (and customers?) will be feted at a circus-like party on the street in the Historic District. Will anyone else be there? No. Will any businesses be open? No. (With one notable exception below). Will any bike racks, pedestrian access, railings around outdoor restaurant seating areas, parking or locals be found on the street? No.

The producers of this party, by convincing Denver and Larimer Square that the event was worthy of shutting down a major tourist attraction in August, managed to actually “buy off” all the businesses and restaurants, save one, of the square.

Party On! Open for Business!

The collective attitude (save one holdout) was: “Sure, I’ll take your money. Turn away all those pesky tourists and regular customers and have your nice party.”

Mark Greenberg, owner of The Market for most of three decades, didn’t bite. He’ll stay open. Regular customers can enter through the back door…and they know where it is. After all, he’s only closed The Market two days a year for all those years of local ownership and good food.

So, yes, you can go to Larimer Square Wednesday night. Enter from the rear. Enjoy The Market!