Pardon the Interruption…But, We Had to Unexpectedly Adjust our Seats!

You may have noticed (or, at least we hoped you did) some rather sporadic posting at Denver by the Slice over the last couple of weeks. We’re still here.

Speaking of seats, here’s the Men’s Waiting Area at Forever 21 at the Pavilions. PhotoDave

But, not here, really, here… in a new location for the next several weeks. And, back up and putting up whatever we feel like! But, it’s all about living in Downtown Denver. And, we are just living in a slightly different location in Downtown Denver.

Moving is not simple..or fun, but you know that. Watch for new items on a regular basis, some of which will tell you something you did not even know about living in Downtown Denver. Like the vibrant and active Urban Recycling System helping to rid your home of unwanted, usable and unsold goods you don’t really want to move.

Stay tuned. We’re sitting down now and will get more news to you shortly! And, recommendations!