Tuesday in the Neighborhood!

There’s Tom, on the right in the white shirt! Photo HipsterPix

Close off the historic Wewatta Bridge over Cherry Creek, add a band, four bars, four port-o-lets, a food station from the nearby restaurant, some security guys, and…an ATM machine! You’ve got a new series of summer events, Beats on the Bridge, courtesy of Coohill’s and benefiting the Greenway Foundation.

The first week turnout was solid resulting in a bridge filled with newly minted  hipsters while across the walk in Coohill’s, the bar was packed. And, the restaurant appeared to be doing a particularly strong business for a July Tuesday. All this activity and many of the neighborhood regulars were spotted as well, doing their regular thing.

The bands in coming weeks are bound to be better than the opening act. (They lost me with the first song, a overly long and unnecessary rendition of “Message in a Bottle”) But, music on the creek in a Colorado sunset is here, and this series sounds like a winner!