Too Hot to Farm!

While Denver is “basking” in the glow of early (very early) summer, there are still things that need to be done…outside. One of those is voting. Ballots were mailed a few weeks ago and they have to be in by Tuesday, June 26, no later than 7:00 p.m.

If you live Downtown, all you need do is walk your ballot over to the Webb Building at 15th and Court. Denver by the Slice always votes, and always for the right candidates. So, the other day we took our ballot to the Webb Building. The big city turned into a small town. And, that was a good thing.

Actually, we were attending an Excise and License Hearing for a pending liquor license. But, it also seemed like a convenient time to drop the ballot off. Going through building security, the guard noticed the ballot and mentioned that I could have simply dropped it in the collection box outside the building. Couldn’t be easier. But, being already in, refilling my pockets and explaining why I always set off the metal detector these days…I asked where I could drop the ballot inside the building.

“Clerk’s Office right there,” he said pointing to a door just feet away. I headed there and before I was even through the door, a woman came out from behind the counter, smiling, offering to take my ballot and thanking me profusely for bringing it in. Lots of other people were in that Clerk’s Office for various reasons and not all of them looked nearly as happy as the Clerk who came to greet me. I turned down the free “I Voted” sticker offer (They are piling up!) in lieu of a smiling and friendly City Clerk. Couldn’t be easier. Vote!

It’s the hot thing to do!