Hot News Today…Only At Denver by the Slice!

Scoop de Slice! Office Depot Moving In by Late August? Photo by HipsterPix

Well, our lonely tower crane from last Friday’s post has company today. That’s it, going up in the distance, just next to Union Station. But, that was bound to happen.

What we did not know until today is this hot flash. And, it’s a good day for a hot flash. Finally, after all these years of empty “street level retail” on the Wynkoop Street side of the EPA Regional Headquarters Building…comes a tenant. Office Depot. All the way down 16th Street from Market, we finally know where they are going as the air space above their current location starts to smell of its imminent re-development. (From February, 2012)

This new space is a bit smaller than the existing store, so they will condense their on-site offerings and furniture selection. But, it appears that everybody wins here. Office Depot gets a new spot in the heart of intense office development, but still along the Mall Shuttle. And, they get more windows.

Downtown wins by the coming demolition of one of the worst looking buildings along 16th Street (long ago Dave Cook Sporting Goods), with a new, mostly office, structure going up there. And, Lower Downtown wins by the long-empty EPA space not giving way to more pizza, more branch banks or more pot shops.

And, by the way, if you look really, really closely at this picture, you’ll see Manny Salzman, LoDo Icon riding his bike by the door of the future Office Depot space. This Friday, Manny and his wife Joanne celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! More on that in the Slice later this week!