The Weekend Starts with Art and Closes With a Bang!

Little Man Just Says Summer!

If you stay in town for this Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll have plenty of company. If you walk over the bridges to Highlands, you can get a great ice cream!

The Downtown Denver Arts Festival opens today, Friday, and runs through Monday afternoon at the Pavilions. Here’s a link to their website where you can preview some of the work and find your favorite artist. For instance, at Booth 16 you’ll find Frisco-based photographer Todd Powell. He’s a veteran exhibitor and a good guy! Look around.

On Saturday, add about 100,000 people to our one main street for the Denver Day of Rock. Read more about that below.

On Sunday, the Big Eat takes place somewhere near Union Station. Lots of food, drink, people…but, all Sold Out! If you made the list, you know who you are.

Then, on Monday, for better and for worse,your Colorado Rockies find their way home. Not just one game, but two. After the second game, the season’s first fireworks display…in the sky. And, that’s probably a good thing since there have been no fireworks from this team on the field. This may be their best pitch to get you to a game this year.

Smart. And, Getting Smarter.

And, some current news from the neighborhood. You probably can find some of the new parking meter sensors being installed around town here in Downtown. We already have “Smart Meters”. Now, even smarter little devices, Smart Meter Whisperers, will talk to those meters. Telling them things like: “Hey, this car hasn’t moved in over two hours. Call the cops!”; or, “Hey, that guy just left. Wipe out those leftover minutes before the next guy comes!” Oh, they are so smart, and we are so lucky. I mean if you live Downtown, just how concerned are you with all this wonderful advanced parking technology? Well, before you answer that, know that before long these same devices will link to a handy phone app that tells the cruising driver where an empty space is. Downtown drivers need more distractions, don’t they?

Surf's Out!

Want a hot dog? Well, you won’t get it at TD’s on Blake. For rent. To a real restaurant.

Want pizza? As in Wazee Supper Club Pizza? Wait. As usual, the re-model is taking a bit longer than the originally planned “2 to 3 weeks”. Shannon says, with fingers crossed, maybe June 1 or 2. We’ll be ready when they are!

And, you know, we just totally missed this item. But, that’s what happens when you go on vacation. Southern Hospitality BBQ, a restaurant concept co-created by Justin Timberlake (he of wardrobe malfunction fame) will open this fall in the beautiful St. Elmo Hotel building at 17th and Blake. Ryan Tedder of One Republic is the local partner. BBQ good. Location good. Our only worry is the “vibe” they claim they are not striving for. If so, then why will they need the planned “VIP Entrance“? We can only hope that stands for “Very Important Pork”!

Sounds, sights, crowds, foul balls and fireworks this weekend. Watch your heads. And, be careful crossing the streets!