Amato and Amato’s Offer Denver’s Best Views!

Having the President in town today got us to thinking about taking a different view. Of the city. Also, the fact that he has a big lawn has us thinking about fountains and statuary anyway.

Amato of Denver has been a family-owned and operated business since 1922. For 63 years, from 1947 to 2010, their business featured the landmark display patio above the corner of 16th Street and Central. A shrewd real estate deal sent the Amato family packing. Down the street one block to 17th and Central.

Since 1922. That's 90 years!

Now, the walkable area for their trademark concrete fountains and statuary remains an inviting shopping spot for just what you may need for your urban balcony, garden, pool or entry. And, the view of Downtown from there is just as good as the view from the Ale House, a project of the Breckenridge Brewery restaurant group, at the old Amato spot.

Either way you win. Shop for a fountain and get a view. Buy a pint and get a view. By the way, from what we hear, the beer business has been berry, berry good to all!