Three Perfect Reasons to Go To Trillium!

Any one of these would do. But, all together is the norm for this unique restaurant at 2134 Larimer Street.

The Place. The Food. The People.

Open Dining, Open Kitchen

With all the news of glossy new restaurants opening, and closing, in Downtown Denver, one that opened in 2011 really stands out in the Ballpark Neighborhood. Chef/Owner Ryan Leinonen worked with his architect to re-design an old pawn shop space into an open and warm dining room. The room is unique among all the re-habs of this rapidly changing strip of Larimer Street. The space, combined with the place, just a long pop foul from Coors Field, make this a worthy destination.

Trillium‘s food concept is officially “Eclectic cuisine rooted in the American and Scandinavian culinary tradition”. We’d prefer to define it as simply “creative and delicious, obviously carefully prepared and well-sourced.” Same thing. Good! Chef Ryan brings his Finnish heritage from Michigan to locally available ingredients. Except for the smelt. They fly in.

Perfectly Scandinavian!

Denver by the Slice enjoyed a wine-paired dinner including steelhead trout, duck breast and caraway spaetzle. And, not enough of one of Leinonen’s favorite ingredients, grilled marbled rye. Every course was a work of dedication.

Oh, and the people. Chef Ryan has been around. In Denver since 2003, he’s worked in some very well-known kitchens and cooked at the James Beard House in New York. He’s joined by partner/beverage director/sommelier Kelly Wooldridge providing affable and knowledgeable guidance to all things liquid. Kelly’s from the Kansas City area and worked in its well-known The American Restaurant. He even went to the same Kansas high school as this writer, albeit at very different times.

These guys are genuine in their efforts and intent. And, they are happy to come around and take you through the journey. Trillium was named a “Best New Restaurant” in 2011 by both Westword and 5280 magazine. It’s a bright flower, indeed, up there on Larimer Street. You have every reason to go!