Trolling for Tacos

"That's My Customer!" "No, He's Mine!"

The block of Blake Street between 15th Street and the 16th Street Mall is shaping up to be a new urban battleground. With neighbor fighting neighbor for their dining dollars.

What a difference a year makes. Not long ago, the block sported an eclectic mix of ethnic restaurants with something for everybody. Now, there is still something for everybody…that is if you like tacos or sushi. Gone is the organic breakfast and sandwich place with its forgivable sporadic service and quality. Gone is Ghugi and his well-prepared Indian food occasionally accompanied by a sitar. Gone is the Moroccan spot with the cushy booths, wacky host and sword dancers. Gone is Scott and Wanda’s rum and jerk.

Welcome, fish and tacos and fish tacos! Is it just coincidental that the new Aoba Japanese Restaurant was in the midst of remodeling the former Organnix that they found out Hapa Sushi (Cherry Creek) was buying India House next door and planning on serving sushi plenty?

And, when Troy Guard (TAG and TAG Raw Bar, Larimer Square) along with partner H-Burger announced plans to open T-ACO in the former 8 Rivers space, did they notice they were next door to D’Corazon, still knocking out volume business with LoDo’s most authentic Mexican food? (D’Corazon, a family owned restaurant, does so well they close at least twice a year for two weeks…for vacation! Many other restaurants do that these days?)

Or, did the aforementioned Mr. Guard and Mr. Burger notice Wahoo’s Fish Taco across the street? Or, the Rio Grande with it’s new “urban camp ground” anchored by their very own non-moving food truck called Black Crow? Selling tacos and hefty margaritas.

Dumplings Trump Tacos, Tuna

Well, there goes the neighborhood. All that’s left for the rest is a couple of beer joints, a coffee place and some sorry place trying to sell wieners. What ever happened to steak houses?

But, don’t forget Cholon, gladly taking the corner window at 16th. If you don’t need another taco, or you’ve lost your taste for wasabi, stay on the block and go to Cholon for some award-winning modern Asian food from Chef Lon. Soup dumplings all around!