O ‘Twill Be a Fine Day Saturday…to Leave Downtown!

Not only will it be Saturday…but it will also be St. Patrick’s Day. So, what’s the best thing to do when 200,000 people show up Downtown, all wearing something green, most drinking beer or whiskey, and looking for somewhere to relieve themselves? If you live Downtown, you’re probably seriously considering going somewhere else for the day.

And, with good reason. “This is the only day of the year when I know for sure that I will have to throw someone out of the store,” said one local wine shop owner.

Last year,  the 2011 version of St. Patrick’s Day seemed never to end. A parade (that also seems never to end) on Saturday. Then three more days of partying until the actual Wednesday St. Pat’s. Days and days. But, this year, it all happens at once. Saturday. The parade. The partying. And, way too much of it in the streets and parking lots. It’s a day that Jim Robischon fears for the “lake” created outside the back door of his gallery.

We have a better idea.

Not a Parade, no Shriners

If you feel the need to feel a bit Irish, go South. Paddy’s on Pearl promises to be much more fun, in a smaller space. The 1500 block of South Pearl Street will fest from Noon until 8 Saturday with pipers, bands, food, drink and our favorite…“General Revelry and Harmless Shenanigans”!

You don’t even have to drive! Lite Rail from Union Station every 15 minutes to the Lousiana/Pearl stop puts you a block away from the fun.

Denver by the Slice recognizes its civic duty to promote all things Downtown. But, the world’s second largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade is not leaving a good mark on Downtown. Just green stuff, noise and more stuff on the streets. Time to go to Old South Pearl!