“People are Pedestrians by Design”

Some walking-about-town issues have come to mind this week in Downtown Denver. This is a great area for walking…and we don’t do enough of it. A recent article in the New York Times spoke about walking in Denver. “Denver is Urged to Hit the Sidewalks” highlights the work of architect Gosia Kung and the organization she founded, Walk Denver.

That’s where we found the great line above, at Gosia’s site. Here’s the link to the Walk Denver site. And, here’s the link to the New York Times article. Both will show you why you should consider walking as more than exercise. It is, indeed, a form of transportation. One place to another.

Denver by the Slice is a firm believer that walking is the right speed of travel. The speed at which you actually see things…interact with the surroundings and people…and learn something. Walk on your own sometime down a river valley in France, or through a German forest, place to place. You’ll see.

At least there you won’t be dodging cars, bicycles, skateboards, people with clipboards or just with their hands out. You’ll have your own set of signs to follow, not a bunch of traffic orders.

Signs of Improvement at 16th and Wewatta?

To wit, the intersection of 16th and Wewatta, under fire and construction, has hopefully just been made better. The display of signs trying to keep people and cars from becoming one has actually been improved this week with a lighting change. The city, in their infinite wisdom, has added “Pedestrian ONLY” cycles to the lights at the intersection. At least that will improve your odds…as long as the drivers figure it out, too. It may not get better than this for a couple of years, so Good Luck!

And, another sidewalk tale. Watch for the walks around the southeast corner of Delgany and 15th Street to disappear next week. Fences will go up and buildings will come down as Opus starts their 10-story apartment building across from the Museum of Contemporary Art. Enjoy the view from the MCA roof while you can.

As you start out on your walk, with the intention to go somewhere in Denver, leaving your car behind…be careful crossing the streets. We need to hit the sidewalks without the sidewalks always hitting us with dangerous crossings, meaningless signage or total barriers.