Rock Stars Spotted on Lawrence Street!

Can You Guess the Name of this Band?

Monday is Presidents Day in America! Not Candidates Day, thankfully. But a shout out to the 44 who have held this incredibly difficult position through many trying periods…like now. Many businesses will stay open, but not the banks, government or the Post Office. We may not notice.

And, by the way, what’s become of the mailboxes so many regularly visited in front of Union Station? We checked with the local USPS and they said only that they had been removed, and may or may not return. Hopefully, the Union Station people have that part of their plan stamped for approval. There are not so many walkable locations with late and Saturday mail pick-ups. At least when they yanked out all the mailboxes for the Democratic Convention in 2008, fearing the worst, they did rather promptly return to their original spots…and just in time for the Broncos season.

Enjoy the “Holiday” and be sure to remind your friendly banker that he won’t have another “day off” until Memorial Day!